Tuesday, June 18, 2013

PinterestClone.org Reviews

Pinterestclone.org offers great deals and reviews on the newest and best Pinterest Clone scripts and themes for sale.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Get Pinterest Followers Fast

Pinterestfollowers.com offers the best and most personalized ways to get pinterest followers fast.

get pinterest followers fast
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 For those of you not in the know, Pinterest is the up-and-coming social network where you interact by sharing pictures of desks that you'd like to build or workout routines that you'll never do but like the idea of. It's also a major source of inspiration for the resurgence in home crafting and DIY that's washing over the U.S. Users can share items by repinning them, and can follow brands and users that they love. The opportunity for consumer brands is massive, and Pinterest is looking to capitalize. The company recently started exploring ways to monetize its system, since it currently makes no money -- shocker. But it's helping other companies share their love, and here are three big ones.
Put a bird on itLet's start out with a baseline reading with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (NYSE: MSO  ) . The queen of domestic perfection in the U.S., Stewart has an impressive 150,000 followers of her personal Pinterest page, where she shares food, product, and vacation ideas. For Stewart, the system is a step removed from revenue generation, as most of her pinnings are ideas or recipes, which don't link directly to her websites. The goal is sharing the Stewart ideal of do-it-yourself perfection, instead of generating additional revenue.
That's too bad, because she could use a bit more revenue. Last quarter, revenue at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia fell 9%. That fall was largely due to declines in broadcasting and publishing that stemmed from the ending of some shows and magazines. Merchandising picked up, though, and the company will continue to focus on that business to drive revenue. A closer tie-in with Stewart's followers would be a great -- and cheap -- place to start.
The yoga lifestylePutting Martha to shame, lululemon athletica (NASDAQ: LULU  ) has amassed about 2 million followers on Pinterest, making it one of the most popular brands out there. The company has made the most of the ability to interact with its fans by pinning items that link directly back to the company's site. On its Pinterest page, there are separate areas for different clothing lines, sports, and causes.
While the company's excellent online store has played a large role in driving e-commerce revenue, I'm sure Pinterest traffic has been helpful. The company generated 14% of its revenue online last year, earning $197 million. That was an 86% jump in revenue, and has paved the way for lululemon's push into international locations, using the online presence as a major tool. As of last year, Pinterest was making waves across the globe, and the following lululemon has built should help drive real sales.
Getting personal with everyoneAt the top of the heap, Nordstrom (NYSE: JWN  ) is sitting back with more than 4 million Pinterest followers. The company has separate boards for its catalog, special events, current trends, and just about every kind of event you might buy clothes for. It even has a cat page, just for the YouTube addicts among us. Links move customers directly to the Nordstrom shop, allowing you to effectively shop from the Pinterest page. It is an excellent example of using the social Web to drive business.
It shouldn't be surprising that Nordstrom is at the leading edge of this technology. The company has been a leader in omnichannel selling, focusing on mobile and Web shopping experiences. Last year, Nordstrom was racking up 100,000 visits from mobile users every day. That resulted in mobile sales accounting for 20% of total sales in 2012. As it turns out, investing in a 112-year-old department store is one of the best ways to get in on cutting-edge technology. Who knew?

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Best Pinterest Clone

Here are our top 3 Pinterest Clones 

Not simply clone script, but an entire ready made turnkey website
from Pinclones.com Starting at 199.99 includes premium name and 
website with full usage rights to reuse on multiple domains!

pinterest clones

Pintastic by Pintastic.com Cost 599.00

If you want a staggering amount of imaginary users, this easy to use
cloen is for you

PinMeScript by PinMeScript.com Cost 299.00

Clean design, all standard features of Pinterest included

Pinterest Clone Scripts

Over the last few weeks, several more Pinterest Clone themes and scripts have entered the marketplace.
We have demo tested Pintastic.com's theme, alstrasoft.com, pinmescript and uniprogy's updated clone.
Pintastic offers a huge number of dummy users and profiles. over 40k. We're not sure how helpful this is the average Pinterest clone user though.
Their interface is easy to use and the only problem we had was the high price tag.
Alstrasoft seems very close in all ways to pinterestclones.com's standalone script solution.
This isnt a really positive thing since Both scripts lack clean design and sophisticated features.
It is super cheap though, so it has the price point going for it.
PinMeScript offers some bells and whistles. It has standard Pinterest clone features. We did have a glitches uploading videos and the gift tag feature is a bit clumsy.
For 299, it is a tad overpriced.
Uniprogy has updated their clone. They also have added on modules that most other clones includes as a standard. Instead their add ons quickly raise the price to several hundred dollars.
We received curt impersonal emails to our questions.

pinterest script

Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Pinterest Clone - June 2012

Pinterestclone.org has a pinterest clone that appears to have a few new features that other clones don't have.
According to their website and live demo their clone offers fully monetized photos and social sharing to make them go viral.
Also they offer several color choices.
Additionally their product listing states that the clone can be resold and resused on unlimited sites. Its based on open GNU scripting.
This is the first non restrictive terms of service we've seen for clones.
The price range starts AT 199.99
The clone design itself is pretty and works well. (It wordpress based)
It also has a lot of interesting features that arent even on Pinterest.com yet!
Such as video enabled personal blogs and in ad image advertising.
We emailed the site for entry to the Admin area. We received a 24 hour log in pass. It's a simple back end to use, not harder than learning cpanel.

Over all this clone is the best overall value.


Drupal Pinterest Clone

Themesnap has a drupal clone but their licensing seems very muddy.
The program costs 229 dollars and they have built it on Drupal a totally open license from gnu/gpl and then their code is based on the open license , totally free skeleton CSS.
Oddly enough they claim limited rights for purchasers to reuse the program on more than one personal and one business site.
This strikes us as odd because they bundle all software together and that should cover it under the gpl.
Even without covering it under the GPL, their CSS is based on skeleton free framework.
Which means anyone can easily edit the code and make their own.

Plus the design is cloddish compared to the ease of use of wordpress or other php designs in our humble opinions.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pintastic was just unveiled yesterday.

This script sells for a hefty 559 dollars.

The company states that the site comes with millions of photos and users accounts.

This may be one reason they're trying to justify such a high price.

Upon viewing the demo site, we rubbed out eyes a bit as it appeared we were seeing some very like Apptha's Joomla Pinterest Clone.

But we were viewing the Pintastic Pinterest Clone.

We checked out the admin panel and were impressed by the vast amount of dummy user accounts.

But less so when we noticed that the avatars seem to be of actual pinterest.com users and to top it off the pixels are jagged. This doesn't seem that professional.

Still pintastic might be good for anyone who wants to spend over 550 for many pre loaded images and imaginary users.